Website marketing as a marketing strategy requires business owners to pay attention to potential leads that may lead to conversions. Most leads are generated from advertisements and mailing lists retained by companies. Sometimes, website owners must seek out professional web marketing services to push their products or services ahead of the competitive market. However, most e-commerce oriented businesses often ignore the significance of social media content marketing. Social media marketing takes place on a social networking platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Modern developments in digital marketing allow websites to link to social media pages, thereby leading to a host of great benefits. In this article, we will take a look at the advantages of interlinking social media accounts with company websites and blogs.

Interlink Social Media Accounts

When linking social media accounts, digital marketers are encouraged to pay attention to the different social media packages. Each social media platform has its own unique package that informs the purpose, audience, and benefits that may be derived from the platform. For example, Facebook Ads is a tool that businesses use to track the performance of their Facebook posts based on engagements by users. Instagram, on the other hand, allows users to post pictures and videos with captions. Twitter operates like Instagram but limits the maximum number of characters to 280 per post. LinkedIn is the most commonly known professional engagement platform. From these descriptions, it is apparent that different social media tools play different roles in digital marketing. Therefore, what business advantage does one gain by interlinking all the social media accounts on a website?

Social Media Organization and Dependability

By interlinking your social media sites and grouping them in one section of your website, these platforms will become more accessible. You will also be able to draw attention and increase the dependability of your brand in the eyes of social media users and those who first visit your website.  With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, interlinking within individual applications may be simple since all the three applications are owned by one parent company, Facebook. Nonetheless, you still need to integrate active links to these sites on your web pages.

Interlinking is one instance where putting all your eggs in one basket works against the prevailing logic that this is risky. Analogically, having all of your eggs in one basket makes it easy for you to access all your options at once. Similarly, having all your social media accounts on your web page communicates to your customers that you are cutting edge, technologically advanced, dependable, and organized. As such, this will lead to better conversion rates and increased revenue of your products and services.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic generates leads, and leads lead to conversions. It is as simple as that. Web marketing targets internet browsers; that is, people who actively browse the web for information. In 2020 alone, Google’s average searches per day stands at 5.5 billion. These search statistics represent the number of targeted traffic by digital marketers. Interlinking social media accounts and your website increases this traffic.

Social media generated traffic presents more valuable interest than regular web browsing, as it indicated actual rather than perceived benefits from web browsers. If you are looking to harness the power of digital marketing, you need to ensure you have control over your network traffic.  One way to do this is through interlinking.

Accessible Communication and Connections With Followers

One of the main goals of having social media accounts is to generate as many followers as possible. Among these followers are loyal customers who actively engage with a company’s products or services. Social media serves as a customer relationship management tool through which businesses can respond to customer feedback and queries. However, social media can be used to generate leads for the main website of a business. As such, interlinking allows two-way communications between an organization’s website and social media platforms. This allows a business to generate more targeted campaigns by adjusting both web and social media content.

Building Social Networks

Social networks allow businesses to increase their portfolio. Through social media marketing, businesses can build their networks through collaborations and partnerships with businesses that provide support services. For instance, an online shop may need a transport delivery service agency to make deliveries on its behalf. The transport agency also has its customers who serve as potential customers for these two shops. Through interlinking of social media accounts, a business becomes strategically positioned to develop further networks which may be useful for future growth.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

The internet is one large market with sophisticated web owners and internet users making up the business environment. The competition of resources and customers is active and engaging. Since the internet is uniform in architecture and layout, there are very few ways of achieving a competitive advantage, which depends on the level of resources owned by a business. Interlinking social media accounts is one of the few ways of achieving a competitive edge.

Interlinking websites and social media accounts occur in the front-end of web development.  Since both websites and social media platforms are fully developed systems, the only aspect that remains is to cross-link them through HTML and make them visible using CSS. By doing so, you can interlink your website with your social media pages according to your unique needs to create the most definite impact on your target audience. As a result, there are no risks that your website will look like another website on the internet.

Bottom Line

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