Once we’ve worked together to create a brand that represents your company, maintaining that brand is an ongoing process and having a plan in place should be your top priority.

social media management package tailored to further develop and maintain the effectiveness of your brand is crucial. A brand strategy matters because a logo alone won’t gain you recognition in the marketplace. You have to have a process in place in order to push the brand visuals into the face of your prospective customers. You can read more on the importance of brand here or take a look at relative “brand & marketing” terms to better educate yourself on what it means to brand and market your business. In this article we will be discussing one of the key ways to utilize an agency to manage your business social media.

Get an Audit of Your Current Network

Most businesses will have a social presence, but they are usually not getting the amount of attention they want. A digital agency can start by auditing your existing social network, analyzing what is working and what can be updated. In many cases, it will be necessary to amend the branding to keep it consistent across all platforms. You can also look at the main competitors to see what approach they are taking.

Importance of Social Media

Social media has become ubiquitous in recent years, with many businesses taking a social-first approach. The ability to launch products and get news stories out quickly means it is vital that companies develop their visibility on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Running several social channels is not easy, though, with many elements required to make a mark. In many cases, employing a digital agency to run your social media will make more sense than using an in-house team. The following advantages show why it might be worth outsourcing your future social campaigns to an established agency.

Everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or GooglePlus. Many people have multiples or all of these but maintaining all of these accounts on your own for your business could be a full time job! Updating these even on a monthly basis means your most important events, specials, and information gets sent to your clients in the manner that they are more likely to see. Not everyone is going to see the ad in the paper or get a paper flyer, but if they have liked you on Facebook, they will see the update you post about an upcoming event. It’s the simplest and fastest way to reach your existing audience with information you want to relay.

We will take the content that is developed for you and share it by posting it respectively across all social media outlets. This will allow for the full extension of reach to your client and potential client base.

  • Ensuring Engagement Is Maintained – The social media world is fast-paced and continually responding to new trends. Only posting the same content continuously can quickly grow stale. A digital agency can ensure you are on top of new ideas and concepts while remaining true to your brand values. It is also useful to stay in communication with followers, responding to questions and comments. You can then ensure engagement levels remain high.
  • Gain Use of High-Quality Tools – Running social media accounts can be a simple process, but you can get improved results when you add some additional tools. A social media dashboard lets you operate and schedule multiple accounts from the same place. Research and analytics tools will ensure you find the content and influencers gaining the most traction. A digital agency will have a suite of tools that they can call on when setting up and running your social campaigns.

Benefit from Research of Your Target Audience

Most small businesses don’t think about their target audience when they first start on social media. Unfortunately, though, a lack of research usually means your content doesn’t resonate with audiences. If you don’t have a clear idea of the audience you are trying to reach, study what your competitors are doing. A digital agency will use tools to find the most shared content, finding patterns in the style and substance of this output.

Develop Engaging Content

Ultimately, the content you put out will largely determine whether users engage with your brand. Content can vary significantly across the various platforms, so it is essential to adapt to suit the site. Instagram, for example, will require eye-catching imagery, but the style must suit your brand. Businesses on Twitter can often find audiences by interacting over news and trending topics, using insight, opinion, or humor to stand out.

Benefit from Analysis of Results

A successful social media policy will go beyond simply posting updates to your accounts. Followers expect an experience from brands, with boring content leading to low engagement rates. There are many different approaches you can take, but you need to commit to your brand identity and provide consistent output. A digital agency may be your best bet if you run a small business with a limited number of employees. A digital agency will ensure the approach you take is calculated, and you can then focus on the other aspects of your business that help you grow.

Blogging or Online Branded Content

You may have heard the term “Content is King.” But if content is king, how do you develop and maintain a new flow of content to your customers and potential customers?  One of the BEST ways to drive traffic to your website is maintaining a blog. New content added to your website on a regular basis with information that relates to your target audience keeps them interested and aware that you’re a vital, live brand. You don’t need to be a writer to have a blog- that’s a program that can be purchased and tailored to your company!

Under a Brand Management Package, you will have new content written for you that will be posted to your website and social media outlets on a scheduled basis. At the beginning of each month you will receive a list of blog titles that pertain to your industry or service. With your feedback and approval these topics will be created and posted on your behalf. We offer a free, one time sample blog to try it out before you purchase!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You want to come up in a search when your clients try to find a company that provides your services.Ultimately, your customer will search for you online based on information that you provide to them about your product or service. With a SEO optimized site, you keep the keywords that your customer searches for within the content of your site. Keeping content fresh and relevant ensures your name comes up in search engine results. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing science that has been perfected by brand managers and designers. It’s vital to your business’s success and is a key part of helping your brand grow.


There’s nothing worthwhile if you can’t see tangible, and calculable results. It is best to start out your social media management campaign small, and grow as you see the areas of where you are connecting with your customers the most. This will allow for you to take small financial steps in budget to grow your brand exposure.

We will start with a baseline assessment of your Web Traffic and Social Media stats. This first report will allow us to determine the ongoing effectiveness, month by month, of your social media management package. This will reflect all new traffic to your site.

A social media management package will be focused on making adjustments to improve results. A digital agency can look at a content marketing campaign across your social channels, assessing whether objectives have been met. This type of analysis is not easy for most businesses as it requires setting realistic goals and studying the data to see where the successes came and where improvements can be made in the future.

Consider a Social Media Management Package for your start-up or business and ensure the advertising details are taken care of so you can focus on everything else!

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