Running your website is a time consuming and stressful task that can take a ton of focus away from the other needs of operating your business, blog, or brand. Whatever reason you have a website, the odds are that it takes up more of your time operating than you would like. And while there may be few ways around it, it can help to understand what website concerns need to be dealt with right away, and which ones you can leave on the backburner until you have time to deal with them. Here are eight website concerns that you need to address promptly to get things back on track.

Slow Response Times

Nobody likes a slow website. Your website response time is the time it takes from when a user inputs a request on your website to when the task they have requested is completed. Anytime a user clicks a button, moves to a new page, or enters information and submits on your website, the amount of time it takes to load the next section is your website’s response time. When your website runs slow with poor response times, site visitors will get impatient. Many people struggle to wait longer than a few seconds for a web page to load before giving up and looking elsewhere for content. Make sure that you are improving slow response times right away to keep traffic on your website.

Lack of Mobile Integration

Almost everyone nowadays walks around with a mobile device in their pocket, ready to take on the world. In fact, over half of your website’s traffic may be coming from mobile devices, which is a big deal for your website. To be truly effective on a mobile device, your website needs a specific layout and integration for mobile devices. The screen size and the way users interact with your site varies so much between desktop and mobile devices that your website must have specific mobile integration to be easy to use and intuitive for mobile users. Make sure that you work on a mobile integration for your site as soon as possible.

Outdated User Interface

There are few things that are as bad for your website as an outdated user interface. The user interface of your website is the way that your visitors interact with and use your website, and when it is outdated, it is slower, less intuitive, and less exciting. You want your user interface to be as exciting and fun as any in-person shopping or entertainment experience. An outdated user interface will leave your visitors thinking that you and your website’s offerings are outdated as well.


There is no excuse for a cybersecurity issue at your website, ever. If you find that there is a cybersecurity problem that is affecting your website. Handling and resolving an IT breach or cybersecurity problem is the most important thing you can do if you find yourself in that position. A great way to keep cybersecurity under control is to outsource your IT services to professionals. Outsourcing IT services can help you focus on your business specialty. Outsourcing IT can keep the stress of cybersecurity on the professionals.

Lack of SEO optimization

If your website isn’t using the SEO best practices in your website design, then you need to get that fixed immediately. SEO or search engine optimization is a set of principles and best practices that allows your website to rank higher in search results for relevant terms for your website. Many people only look at the top three or four results on search engines when searching for websites. Anything you can do to get your site to rank near the top will help to increase your traffic exponentially. Make sure you are optimizing your site for SEO.

Cluttered Homepage

Your homepage should be just that, the home from which you go out for more specific pages and information. But many website owners don’t want to separate their information and content out across many ages off the homepage. They try to include everything on that homepage, mistakenly thinking that will increase viewership of all the available content. But a cluttered homepage gets to be confusing and overwhelming for site viewers. What people want is a homepage with many links to the other specific sites. Your homepage should operate as a front face and then an address book for the other specific landing pages that make up your site. Don’t clutter your homepage.

Not Backed Up

You need to be backing up your website frequently, if your website is not backed up, should something happen, you would be unable to get your site up and running again in a timely manner, which could lead to all sorts of lost revenue and viewership. You need to back up your website as often as you update it, and you should keep your last fifteen backups on file in case of an emergency. You wouldn’t risk losing your business paperwork, so why would you risk losing your website records? You must back up your website, it is what keeps your site safe in the event of an accident or emergency and it will benefit you in the long run.

Broken Links

The last issue that needs fixing right away for your website jibs the presence of broken links. Broken links are any links in your site that do not link to anything. This can be the result of the website no longer existing, or incorrectly set-up links. Either way, when you have a broken link on your site, visitors see your site as buggy, broken and perhaps unsafe. You should fix all broken links right away to protect your site’s reputation and to keep your visitors on your site.

Running and operating a website is no easy feat. It takes a lot of work, effort, and problem solving. Make sure that if your site has fallen at risk of any of these eight problems that you are fixing them right away to keep your website functional and effective.

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