The typical consumer gets hit by at least a couple hundred brands every day. A Market research firm Yankelovich said in 2007 that consumers see 5,000 brand impressions a day. That’s compared with about 2,000 in 1977.

This “brand impression” has the task of accomplishing two jobs, to connect your product or service to eyeballs AND to create a CONNECTION with said eyeballs. Whether these impressions are coming through your facebook feed by way of sponsored stories, celebrity “stories”, or a funny commercial you are being bombarded.

The Self Aware Brand

Developing a brand that begins to take on human elements is the desired outcome. It is crucial to create a brand that has self awareness.

What is brand self-awareness? Simply put it’s the idea that you know who you are as a company. People want to do business with REAL people. Consumers are past the point of buying from a cold disconnected company. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, how you operate, and what your moral grounding is as a business is crucial to developing healthy brand self-awareness.

Showing your self aware brand is easy when utilizing social media marketing. Social media today, allows you to “break the fourth wall” (when actors break character and acknowledge the audience) with their customers and those they are trying to connect with.

Your brand itself isn’t just a name and a logo, it’s the product/service, the employees and the consumer. A thorough understanding and a willingness to have continuous improvement, are the things which can promise you rising profits and connected customers that want to do business with you.


Today when each and every day many new companies come into the market it is necessary to remind people of your name that is the marketing. This may be done in an old school way like through flyers, billboards and business cards or may be in by consuming the fruit of new technology and social media which is a more effective and cheaper way.

If you do not have the funds for it, you can use the social groups, but it is necessary to make sure that people know your name and product. It is the same strategy that the medical companies are following when they are providing doctors with free gifts with their brand name; you need to plant your brand name in the mind of people.


One thing which grows loyalty is the client referrals/reviews. Everyone wants to save any second of time they can so they like quick responses and feedback. Many successful startups of today’s consumer market place full emphasis to responding to customer complaints and having interaction with them before and after providing services. This feedback on the businesses behalf shows the consumer that your business is engaged, and that there is someone behind the face of social media and marketing efforts. This grows credibility and trust with your market… do it.

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