There are so many things you’ll have to say to your target customers. It is true that what you have to say is very important, but how you say it is also equally important. A brand voice doesn’t mean the theme songs, jingles or sound effects used for a brand. It is the language you use to reach out to your customers and send messages about your brand to them. It involves the tone of your communication, the words you use and your style of writing. Ensure that your diction and sentences are well structured and free of errors. [Tweet “A brand voice defines the personality and values behind the messages you are sending out. “]A brand voice works together with your brand name and logo and your social media networks. A good brand voice should be strong, clear, purposeful, consistent, engaging and motivating for your customers.

It is true that people don’t always remember what you say to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. You should also know that people can be very sensitive, so you need to be very careful when choosing words because words create certain impressions. Use your brand voice to make your customers feel good. Use it to influence them and create a good impression for your business brand.

Successful brands usually speak with a brand voice that is authentic, distinct, unique and consistent. You need to focus on how you and your employees interact with customers individually and on social media. Speaking with a consistent brand voice will help to reinforce your brand’s characteristics and values and will enable customers to be able to predict what to expect from your brand product or services.

Not sure of how to develop the right brand voice? Think about those top brands you look up to. What makes their brand voice unique and how do they reach out to you and other customers? What exactly makes you feel good about doing business with them?

All these will guide you to develop the right voice for your brand that will make it successful. You should determine what type of tone you want for your brand. Do you want something serious or something humorous? You need to figure it out carefully. How do you know if you have developed a good brand voice?


  • A good brand voice should be bold and original
  • A good brand voice should not be offensive
  • A good brand voice should be creative
  • A good brand voice should be inspiring and appealing
  • A good brand voice should be engaging and friendly
  • A good brand voice should be evolving

You should never stop learning from other leading brands. Try to keep up with the trend and create fresh ideas for your voice. Ensure that your brand name and logo reflects your brand voice. Every employee should know your brand attributes and extend it to every aspect of your business.

Why Use a Professional Brand Strategy?

Branding is an essential aspect of business. It is a way of defining your business and giving it an identity. With a strong business brand, you can easily establish a strong connection with your customers and potential customers alike. This involves establishing credibility and trust and also communicating with them on what your business is all about, what services it provides, how it runs and what should be expected. Having a business brand isn’t just enough; it should possess the right voice and characteristics to be able to successfully live in everyday interactions of your customers and even amidst competition. Your focus should always be on keeping your business brand alive with an effective brand strategy.

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