As technology has progressed, many new marketing techniques have emerged. However, that doesn’t mean the old-school techniques are invalid. There are many more traditional marketing tactics you can draw on that will help your business grow and find success.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is any kind of promotional material you send to a potential customer’s address. Many people discount this method since there are many newer forms of advertising, but direct mail still has its benefits. One major benefit is that it is much more personalized. You can customize the mail you send to fit the recipient. People respond more to things that are specific to them rather than to general advertising. Response rates are also fairly high with direct mail. In fact, they are often higher than response rates to email. With direct mail, you also have an increased chance of recipients actually viewing and opening your materials as 53 percent of the population read through their mail. There are many other benefits of direct mail and they are worth exploring.

Transit Advertising

When you see a city bus, it likely has some sort of advertisement on the side. This is something you can do for your business. Transit advertising has a wide range of options available. You can post advertisements on trains, on the sides of buses, and on cars. Vehicles can help advertise your message to potential customers on the road. They basically act as traveling billboards. Vehicle wraps are an especially popular option to use. A vehicle wrap will not damage the car and it is a great opportunity to promote your business. You can also get very creative with transit ads and design them to fit the contours of the vehicle they are featured on.

Posted Advertisements

There is merit in using posted advertisements such as flyers, posters, and billboards. With flyers, for example, you can easily and inexpensively produce advertisements. They are something tangible and they allow you to provide enough information for potential customers to take the next step. With posted advertisements, you have the opportunity to get creative. You can use the space around the advertisements in order to draw more attention. These techniques have been around a long time for a reason.

Just because these methods are old-school doesn’t mean they don’t work. Sometimes it’s better to use more traditional advertising methods. They can help you try a new approach to advertising and you can attract attention by standing out.

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