Many local businesses look to outsource their social media marketing, understanding that established consultants are informed on the latest methods and trends. Local businesses are often developed from physical locations, but later see the potential in developing an online arm. While entrepreneurs are naturally drawn to learning business techniques, there are good reasons for hiring a consultant instead of persevering on your own. Online consultants can add significant value to a business, using tactics that are more advanced than most competitors will ever attempt. So how can an established consultant add value to a local business?

Develop a Successful Content Strategy

Many local businesses avoid developing content as they think their niche is not broad enough. Even for small businesses, focusing on the wider industry topics allows you to create interest. Content strategies will vary for each organization, but they typically involve guest blogging on relevant sites, creating valuable content that gets shared, and finding good writers to contribute to your blog.

Earn Authority Backlinks

It is not difficult gaining backlinks, but most links are of low authority. Link building has gradually moved towards quality over quantity, meaning most links are having little or no impact to search rankings. A consultant can earn valuable links by studying the backlink profiles of the major competing sites, reaching out to site owners, and offering opportunities that benefit all parties.

Craft a Compelling Press Release

Press releases have the potential to reach influential blogs and journalists, giving businesses additional exposure. Many press releases, though, do not gain traction because the subject is not newsworthy. The content might be of interest to the business owner but does not make for a compelling story. An online consultant should be able to find an angle that will appeal to the top niche sites.

Optimize the Website

Websites are often built with appearance in mind, but less focus is placed on optimizing conversions. Whether you are trying to build an email list, make product sales, or market a physical store, a website should be tweaked to maximize the conversion rate. Online consultants can create A/B tests to learn what produces the best results, while also employing usability testing services to get valuable data from real users.

Create a Social Media Plan

Local businesses usually set up accounts on the popular social media platforms, but many accounts are dormant after an initial burst of activity. Social media requires you remain consistent and engaged, posting to a fairly regular schedule. A consultant can create a plan for a business owner, or even run entire social campaigns, making use of services like Hootsuite to control sites from a single dashboard.

These tactics can collectively make a successful online marketing campaign. Developing engaging content, syndicating it across the right channels, and promoting it effectively will allow you to reach the appropriate audiences, whether that is through SEO, social media, or blogs. As businesses start to see the impact of the methods, a consultant can receive numerous referrals and recommendations. With countless websites struggling to make their mark, there is no better time for a local consultant looking for new clients.

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