With all the costs and potential lost business which come with a poor company logo, can you really afford NOT to have a professional one?

How will I Add it to my Website?

Most website builders give you the ability to upload something straightforward, like a .jpg or .png file. These are relatively basic file types, which will meet a lot of your needs. However, some websites or social media sites might need the logo in a specific size. Using a basic file type will limit your ability to resize it. This could mean your company logo looking stretched or wonky. Nothing screams “amateur” like an ill-fitting company logo.

Then there’s the favicon (the tiny logo on your browser tab). A cheap logo designer won’t include a small option for you to place here. If your company logo is mainly words, then it’s not going to look good shrunk down to a tiny fraction of the size. A good designer will create a separate favicon for you to upload to your website.

Finally, there’s the color palette to think about. If your logo designer simply sends you an image file, you will need to work out what colours have been used. This can be quite tricky if it’s your first time understanding hexadecimal codes for your colors. A good designer will provide all of this information. They might also provide you with the whole palette so you can use co-ordinating colours on your website and in your promotional branding.

Help! I Can’t Find a Font to Match

A common issue with using a budget company logo designer is finding the matching font. They might be using some specialist software to create your logo. This software might have its own fonts or font variations. That means, when you come to design your website or perhaps some flyers, you will be spending time searching for a font which comes close to the one on your company logo.

You will be quite unlikely to find a font to match exactly on MS Word. This means that your marketing materials and website could look unprofessional, which could lose you some customers.

What if I have to Send it to a Media Outlet?

Lucky you! You’ve been invited to be interviewed with your local paper or a niche magazine. They ask you to send a high-resolution image of your company logo so that it can be included in the article. A budget logo designer probably won’t have sent you several different file types or a high resolution image. This means that the publication will either have to use a grainy logo, or they won’t include one at all. Worst case, they might choose a competitor whose logo is much clearer and looks better on the page.

What if I go to a Trade Show?

A similar thing applies here. If you are going to an event where your logo needs to be really large, you need a really high quality file to send the organizers. If you are having banners or stands made, sending a poor quality logo file will mean you might have to spend more money having them re-done. A really high resolution image might feel like a luxury while you are starting out, but it could save you hundreds of dollars further down the line.

Help! My Company Logo Looks Like Someone Else’s!

A common theme when you use a budget designer is that you run the risk of having a logo very similar to another company. Designers who make company logos for just a few dollars each are normally having to pump out dozens each day to make a living. This means that some could possibly cut a few corners when it comes to making each logo unique. If this happens you are probably going to have to re-brand your entire business, especially if that other company had their company logo designed first. Any flyers or business cards you had printed are now wasted. Your website is going to have to change. That’s the cheaper possibility. If the other company thinks you copied their logo, you could be heading into copyright infringement territory.

But I don’t have thousands of dollars for a logo. 

That’s absolutely fine. A good design company will have different options for you. They will be able to work with you to find the right option for your budget. They will also listen to you and help design something which is in keeping with your brand.

Some designers might allow you to purchase your basic logo at the start. You might then be able to buy the alternative files at a later date as and when you need them.  With all the costs and potential lost business which come with a poor company logo, can you really afford NOT to have a professional one?

So How Much Will it Cost Me?

An awful lot, and possibly your business, if you get it wrong.