A business logo is often considered an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy and brand. The reason why is very clear: A logo is often the most recognizable element of a company and, along with the company name, is the feature which consumers tend to recall the easiest. Ensuring that your logo is up to date and fit for purpose is a very important aspect of a successful business. Because of its importance, there are a number of scenarios where a company should consider changing or redesigning their logo, such as:

Business Logo and Company Shifts

A change in direction is one good reason to change your logo. As a company shifts and evolves, a logo should also be able to adapt. For example, if your company has decided to modernize itself and appeal to a younger audience, then having a logo which is ‘old fashioned’ or ‘old-school’ may not be the best choice.

This should of course be balanced by brand awareness and heritage. The more well known your logo is, the more cautious you should be in making significant change, as that could have the potential to alienate your existing customer base.

A Move Towards Simplification

There is undoubtedly a trend in the marketplace for leaner and simpler brand images. If your company has decided to move in this direction, it may be the perfect time to look at redesigning or streamlining your logo. Much of today’s advertising takes place on small smartphone screens, and not the billboards and magazines of old. As such, it is important to have a straightforward logo that is instantly recognizable even on a tiny screen.

Company Growth

The continued  growth of your company can also be a major factor in deciding whether or not to change your logo. Real life examples can demonstrate this – major companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon have all changed their logos as their companies have grown. This is often done to demonstrate their changing nature, or to ‘rebrand’ the company in a different image. If it is time for your company to make the leap from “small local business” to “major national corporation”, it might be time to look at redesigning your logo.

Whether you are looking to market to a different audience, simplify your brand image, or are simply growing your company, keep in mind what your logo (and consequently your brand image) represents. Remember that a logo is never constant and, like many other aspects of your company, it is very much able to change and adapt. As your company continues to evolve, your logo can evolve with it.

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