Businesses rely heavily on their marketing to bring in customers. Even huge, worldwide corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and Apple rely on advertising to get their products in front of consumers. That said, advertising isn’t easy. There are some significant obstacles many businesses face when trying to advertise their products.

Limited Resources

Every company has a marketing budget. Even if you’re a huge corporation, there is a spending limit, even if it might seem otherwise in some cases. Even if money isn’t an issue, time likely is. Operating with limited resources can be pretty difficult to overcome. Fortunately, there are some very efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies that you can take advantage of. A lot of these strategies are digital marketing strategies, which means that not only are you getting some serious value for your marketing dollars, you’re opening your business up to reaching a potentially worldwide audience.


Regulatory Restrictions

Once you’ve developed a quality ad, you can just start putting it out there and be good to go, right? Well, not exactly. One of the obstacles marketers commonly face are regulatory restrictions about what they can and can’t advertise for on different platforms. Facebook and Google restrict certain products such as tobacco from advertising on their platforms. Other restrictions limit who you can advertise what to, or even the content of your advertisement. Failing to adhere to the regulations can get your ad pulled and your account restricted. Make sure you clearly understand all the rules and restrictions, and that your ad adheres to the guidelines before you start posting.


Generating Quality Leads

Contrary to what you might think, not all traffic is good traffic. Your advertisements may be sending traffic to your business, but if you aren’t able to convert those leads into sales, they aren’t doing as much good as they should be. Generating quality leads can be tough. That’s one reason why having a thorough understanding of your target market is so important. It’s also why it’s so important to place your ads where they are most likely to generate quality leads for you. If you aren’t sure how your ads are doing, analyze the ad and the results it’s producing. You should gain some insight on how to proceed from there.


Advertising is a tough job that requires a business to face and overcome obstacles. Limited resources, regulatory restrictions, and being able to generate quality leads are only some of the obstacles you can expect to face. Recognize that they are there and then focus on finding ways to overcome them to boost your success as a business.

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