Advertising seems easier than ever with the arrival of social media platforms. With one click, businesses can create advertisements for everyone in the world to see. Yet, more and more people turn to advertising agencies to create and implement ads that engage and convert potential visitors into actual customers.

So, why do so many companies use ad agencies when they could handle it all on their own? That’s what we’re going to address today.

Ad Agencies Already Know The Targets

Advertising is much more than creating a pretty ad with the perfect verbiage. You have to know where to post your ads, what type of ads work best for the particular platform, and the quirks of each platform.

Social media platforms are unique. They have dedicated user bases that respond differently to advertisements than if a user was searching for something specific. Plus, some social media platforms are useless for mainstream advertising.

Knowing which social media platform is worth the time and investment, what type of ads work on each platform, and how to engage the user base is paramount to the success of an advertising campaign.

Ad agencies have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours working with numerous clients and they have a deep understanding of these three principles. As such, they can help maximize advertising budgets much better than most in-house options.

Ad Agencies Are Faster Than You

It doesn’t matter how quickly you operate. Creating the perfect advert takes time, but it’s as easy as blinking for a trained advertising agency. The most important thing about agencies is that they already know what works and what doesn’t, so they will always be able to put out results efficiently, safe in the knowledge their ads are going to work. Whether the area you work in, your target audience, or the platform, the experts at an ad agency already know every factor required to produce and run the perfect ad.

Agencies Can Adapt In Real-Time

There is one constant when it comes to advertising success – nothing ever stays the same. Social networks make updates to their platforms almost daily. They make these changes to improve the user experience, increase advertising performance, or keep up with demand.

Most ad agencies are already aware of the changes that are coming up. Knowing the changes ahead of time, they can generally adapt faster than someone trying to handle the advertising campaigns on their own.

Why does real-time adaptation matter?

If a social media platform decides to make its static ads smaller, it could cut off the call to action. For companies dependent on these social networks for their traffic, sudden changes that cut off their call to action or change the way the users interact with their ads could be devastating. Since an ad agency would be aware of the upcoming changes, they could make adjustments beforehand to keep ads running and converting smoothly, with no downtime or lost revenues.

Ad Agency Employees Are Trained Specifically To Stay On Top

Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to get a message out to a large user base with a laser-like focus. Social media platforms love ad agencies because they know that new ads mean more money for them. Because social media channels make money from ad agencies, the social media platforms will provide training on their newest changes and implementations well before it’s released to the public. The training helps the ad agencies to keep their clients on top while bringing in more money for their company and the social media platforms.

Ad Agencies Can Diversify The Client Base More Effectively

An ad agency can have hundreds of working at any given time. Each of those employees brings their own unique, individual experiences to the company, making it more likely that they’ll cover a wider client base than a company with only a few employees.

And while a company might have a dedicated marketing team in place, keeping them trained is expensive, and paying for their insurance plans and benefits package can lead to lost profits in a hurry.

Ad agencies have operated in hundreds of different sectors and niches with clients that all have individual budgets and expectations. While an in-house marketing team might have the same technical skills, an ad agency truly has more access to the who, what, when, where, why as well as the metrics that back them up; knowledge and experience are their biggest advantage.

While it can be incredibly tempting for companies to handle their advertising campaigns, smarter money tends to let advertising agencies handle it instead. While it may be hard to accept, there are times where spending money in-house is not worth the expense, especially when another company could do more for you with less.

For any company thinking about its current advertising campaigns, now is the time to look at the benefits of outsourcing. The cuts made in-house may be worth a lot more than the actual value. For companies looking to stay ahead of the competition, the choice is clear – advertising agencies can take you further, faster while performing better and maximizing your advertising