In a previous blog, we discussed branding and how branding was vital to the growth of your business. At some point in that post, logo development was mentioned. But the importance of your business logo was not elaborated upon. This is because your logo is not your brand. Yes, it is vital to design a logo for your business, but it is first essential to understand while your logo represents your brand, it is not your brand. Confusing? That’s ok. This blog aims to clarify how your logo is different from your brand but an equally vital element of customer recognition. Think about it in non-business terms.

The clothes you are wearing (or the car you are driving) are not YOU; however, they reveal aspects of your personality and character to those around you.

Therefore, developing your business logo should take a bit of consideration and time. For something as essential as this, consider working with Bianca Frank Design on your business logo design and business branding. This effort will be an integral element to all of your advertising in the future, so the birth of your logo should be given adequate care and consideration. Even if your business is small, it needs an identity. Your target market needs to know you are out there, and a logo is one of the best, most memorable ways to achieve that.

There are several reasons why your business should work with a professional designer like Bianca Frank Design to develop an eye-catching and memorable logo. Below are a few of those reasons.

1)     First impressions matter

At some point in your life, you have heard the phrase “you only have one chance to make a good first impression” (or something along those lines). Your logo is your company’s face and will inevitably be the source of that first impression moment for potential customers. Which would you prefer to have as your first impression moment? Plain, simple text? Or an eye-catching design that signifies the mission behind your business? As a customer, which logo would have the most substantial impact on you?

A logo is a striking and memorable way to make an impression on your potential customers from the very beginning. Your logo is the first opportunity you have to tell them something about your business; before deciding to get to know you.

2)     Logos generate recognition by attaching your messaging to something tangible

Your logo design should be easy to recognize in any size print. Sometimes the digital advertising your business is featured on is may be quite small. If your logo fades to a blob on the screen when reduced in size, it will not generate recognition. Similarly, it is essential your logo is adequately viewed when emblazoned across a billboard.

Your logo should have a memorable yet straightforward design that does not conflict with the logos of other businesses. This could result in confusion for your customers and potential trademark issues for your business. Developing a logo that has the potential to become easily and quickly recognized can be difficult. Bianca Frank Design has years of experience with logo design in the Anchorage area and can help your business to achieve these goals.

3)     Logos symbolize professionalism

Unfortunately, in the eyes of customers, a business is not a business without a logo. Despite how small a logo may seem compared to the day-to-day operations of your business, it is a significant and critical element to building your customer base. This is because potential customers have, over time, developed a set of expectations. With those expectations comes the assumption that a professional a reliable business will have a logo that stands out from the crowd.

By having your logo professionally designed, you will automatically stand out from your competition, especially those who may have developed their logo in a hurry without sufficient thought and consideration.

4)     Logos help reveal your business identity in an easily digestible way

The reason why logos such as Nike are so successful is, they reflect the business they represent. There is a great deal of symbolism imparted in many business logos; Nike is no exception. Other logos associated with well-known brands clearly communicate the type of business being marketed. This helps customers know what to expect when they patronize the company. A potential customer will not go into a sandwich shop planning to buy sneakers. This eliminates customer confusion and helps customers see your logo as an extension of your industry.

5)     Logos create an emotional connection for consumers to remember

Again, think for a moment about some of the most well-known business logos. These logos are often the first thing you visualize when you think of these companies. Starbucks, Mercedes, Ford, Ferrari, McDonald’s…

Logos are often the first thing that builds the emotional connection consumers develop with brands they frequently patronize. A lot of purchasing decisions are based on visual cues, and the reaction customers have when they see a product. If a customer connects with your logo and your product, they are unlikely to forget your company. This is even more accurate if they have a good memory of your business and service. In this case, they are more likely to buy your products or services as opposed to those of competitors with whom they lack a similar connection.

6)     A strong logo sets you apart

Again, no matter the size of your business or what you sell, you will have lots of competitors in your market. The best way to stand out from your competition is with a logo. Your logo can be and should be one of your most effective advertising tools. As previously mentioned, your logo is a visual representation of your business and shows consumers you want to be recognized as the best in your area. A logo is also a critical element of your brand recognition.

7)     Logos create visual consistency

In today’s business market, businesses exist on many different platforms. Gone are the days where a storefront is simply the brick and mortar store where a company resides. Today, a business will have a presence on the internet through websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via customer relations mailings such as leaflets, info backs, and business cards.

Your business needs to be in so many places at once, which means your logo and brand identity should be everywhere as well. To be successful, some sort of consistency is essential to ensure your business is clearly and adequately represented no matter where it appears.

8)     Encourages (and establishes) brand loyalty

Your logo can be an invaluable tool for fostering brand loyalty among existing and potential customers alike. Your logo can give customers something to keep in their minds as they follow and patronize your business. You can also use your professionally designed logo to distribute promotional items to existing and potential customers. When your current customers wear, use, or display the items decorated with your logo, it can be a conversation piece that may attract new customers to your door.

In short, as a business owner, you likely have many other matters to attend to while building and growing your business; however, it is essential not to overlook the importance of investing in a strong and memorable business logo. At Bianca Frank Design in Anchorage, we understand you are busy, and sometimes items such as logo design or web marketing are not your primary focus. Let us guide you through the process of creating a logo and any other elements of your branding campaign you feel would be beneficial to your business. We can also work with you on your website design and with the creation of social media packages to tie all of these elements together.