The story of Bianca Frank Designs starts from 2005 and it began with a crash!

A pizzeria owned by young Bianca failed to take off. While some people at that point may have decided to quit the business altogether and pursue a job, this was not the case for Bianca. She decided to pursue her passion for Brand and Web Design and founded Bianca Frank Design. Since then, Bianca Frank Design hasn’t looked back; and she has even positioned herself as the one of the best web designers in Anchorage due to her ability to mesh brand, design, content and technical web design. Bianca excitedly oversaw the evolution of her company from graphic designing on freelance websites to a one-stop-shop offering a complete suite of solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in Anchorage. Bianca now provides an array of digital marketing services to clients with businesses in various industries headquartered around the United States.

“If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, to refine your image, or to create a new one – Bianca is the person to work with. She has been amazing in all aspects of our print, media and web presence over the past 5 years. Trust her judgment and creative influence if you want the best results. Excellent work, better results!” – Ryan Forbes, Owner of Shred Alaska

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Baxter Senior Living

Baxter Senior Living is Anchorage’s exclusive and premium assisted living community. This senior living home radiates the feeling of serenity and strives to provide comfort to Alaskan senior citizens and families. Thus, Bianca carefully crafted a digital marketing strategy that reflects the emotions that the brand strives to provide. The Baxter team trusted Bianca to develop their social media presence and to enhance awareness about the brand around The Last Frontier.

Baxter Senior Living provided Bianca full authority to run their digital marketing show. The results achieved in a short two-year time period were nothing short of astonishing. Baxter Senior Living reached Google’s first page for keywords like “Anchorage assisted living”, and “senior living in Anchorage”. That’s quite a feat in itself as Baxter had not even opened yet and the assisted living industry in Anchorage is very competitive. By trusting Bianca, Baxter had more time to focus on their construction, organization of their operations, preparation for a timely opening of their assisted living facility, and arrangements of the most experienced Alaskan caregivers.

Blink Esthetics

Blink Esthetics is a professional full-service eyelash extension and nail services studio based in Anchorage. Carlee, the owner of Blink Esthetics started her studio as a teenager. She initially tried to design her website on her own but soon realized that it was not only distracting her from her operations, but the website was missing Bianca’s professional touch. Thus, she partnered with Bianca to develop a captivating, mobile-friendly website. Not only did she transcend her services, but she transformed her digital marketing platform. Her digital platform ranks on the first page of Google, showcases her impressive portfolio, and offers an online booking portal for clients to schedule appointments.

Last Frontier Holsters

Necessity is the leading inspiration for all inventions. Last Frontier Holsters is one of the examples of businesses born out of necessity. They chose a niche in the Alaskan market which was previously untapped. Their marketing and branding strategy was ahead of its time and is a particularly interesting case. They decided to build their social media presence before the launch of their actual website. This strategy helped them gauge the interest of their potential clients. As a result, they were able to refine their product catalog and develop a customer base even before their launch. Bianca then helped Last Frontier Holsters develop a budget-friendly e-commerce website to sell their popular holsters. Talk about a great return on investment for their blossoming business!

Bianca Frank Design also offers our clients full flexibility in terms of control and management of their platform. Last Frontier Holsters now manages their website independently. However, Bianca continues to provide consulting services, and upgrades the Last Frontier Holsters’ website to include the latest add-on features. There is also flexibility regarding content development as some brands may select a hybrid model with the opportunity to co-post and co-create their website and social media content. Bianca is committed to helping each client tailor the web design services to match their unique needs and preferences.

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business

Bianca also supports clients with graphic design and the development of polished professional posters. Georgetown University McDonough School of Business requested Bianca to create two polished lecture posters for an upcoming university event. The design of the posters needed to be printable on physical posters, and user-friendly for their digital media. The visual appeal of the posters and the great attention to detail impressed the client and attracted the target audience.

Daylight Electric

An effective and impressive online presence is vital for their survival. Daylight Electric is one of these small Alaskan businesses. As a full-service electrical contractor, Daylight Electric serves Alaskan residential and commercial clients based in Anchorage, Eagle River, Matsu Valley, and Girdwood. Daylight Electric’s team also originally toyed with trying to create their own website but dropped this idea to bring Bianca on board. Bianca redesigned and revamped this website.

Daylight Electric now has a modern business website. Their website platform enables users to book services, submit tickets for quotes, and an opportunity so they may continue to engage their community. They are now independently managing their website and operating confidently.

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