Nowadays, web marketing gets more and more competitive. It takes more and more effort to rank your websites high on Google and other search engines.

Sometimes, small things can have an enormous influence on how your website ranks. Bianca Frank specializes in web marketing, and we regularly ensure that all factors of your marketing are accurately managed.

Meta descriptions make your website stand out, and they catch the attention that is so important to get the ‘click’ from your customers.

Bianca Frank Design team has prepared a short explanation and a few tips on writing an effective Meta description. Read on!

What Is A Meta Description?

A Meta description is a short text located below the title and link on the search results. It’s usually generated in HTML and consists of roughly 155-160 character summaries.

The code for the description in HTML:

<meta name=”description” content=”A page’s description, usually ranges from one to three sentences. The purpose is to describe briefly what your website is about”/>

The purpose of the description is to catch the attention and explain the content of the website. The meta description is stored in the database of search engines like Google and Bing.

They are useful because Google uses an algorithm that’s based on click-through-rate. Hence, the more clicks your website gets, the higher it’ll pop up on search results. Many other factors account for ranking high on Google. That’s why the attractiveness of your description matters.

A Meta description is a tool that’ll bring traffic to your website. Nonetheless, it has to be written appropriately to meet the standards of search engines such as Google.

What’s The Right Length For The Meta Description?

Each search engine is different, but for Google, it usually short.

Although some SEO professionals say you can include up to 250 characters, the real length of the description is very limited. The meta description has a different range on desktop and mobile, and some mobile phones display only 130 characters, the space for writing more descriptive lines of text gets smaller. You have to get to the point very quickly, explaining what your website contains.

The other search engines may differ slightly, but the range of the characters is similar.

For Yahoo and Bing, the range closes within 120-150 characters. On the desktop, you can include up to 170 characters, but the space on mobile phones is much smaller, so the text should be about 120 characters long.

Although descriptions often don’t count into rankings, it’s still useful to include them. Remember: your goal is to write to your customers, not search engines. After all, they will read it, and it can mean clicking on your link or competitors’.

Include A Call-To-Action

Since the Meta description should be short, you should cover the essential things in it. What do you want your customers to do after they read it? You want them to click on your website, so you can get more traffic, right? Why not include it in your description? Such phrases as ‘Find out more!’, ‘Check our products right now!’, ‘Find out about our services’ are all desirable ways to get customers to click on your link.

Include The Most Important Keywords

The keywords help the audience match your website with the inquiry. However, you should use them in moderation, so the text looks natural and inviting to the customers. Please note, Google doesn’t take the keywords of your description into account to rank the website. You’re writing them just for your customers, so choose the keywords wisely. This way, the audience will get interested and click on your link.

Include The Product’s Features

If you’re trying to sell a product, it’s useful to describe its features in the description. If you do this correctly, the customer will click on your link without hesitation. You’ll get the traffic, and Google will remember that in future searches.

Avoid Click-Baits

It’s crucial in web marketing that you match the content of your website and avoid using click-baits. According to some sources, Google might even penalize your website for misleading content of the Meta description. We don’t recommend jeopardizing your ranking. Keep the content relevant and straightforward for your website.


Our company knows very well that the uniqueness of your content gets customers.

Do the research and check the descriptions of your competition. How do their descriptions look? Are they any ways that you could improve yours?

The uniqueness of the description is key to getting more clicks. Think outside the box and try to differentiate your website in search results.

Answer The Following Questions:

The customers always have a question in the back of their minds. When they are looking for a product, they usually think:

  •   What are you selling?
  •   How is this product going to improve my life?
  •   Why should I buy from you?

The description isn’t a place to be shy. Use robust and influential words to catch your audience’s attention. Tell them precisely what you are selling and how you stand out among the competition.

Examples of phrases that you can include:

  •   ‘The best company on the market that provides…’
  •   The leading provider of…’
  •   ‘Number one selling product in 2018.’

Answer the questions and take your time to invent the best Meta description. Although it seems to be simple, the simplicity of the text makes it very difficult – considering that you have to contain the most important things.

Step into customer’s shoes and imagine that you want to buy your product.

Think about the message that you want to tell your audience. Once you’ve done it, make sure that every word of the description is meant to make the right impression that encourage your customers to buy your product/service.

If you’re still struggling to write a unique and eye-catching description, Bianca Frank Design can help you with that! Our company specializes in web marketing in many domains, and we’re happy to help you get more clients. Inventing the right marketing strategy, creating your brand identity, and making unique content are just a few of many other services that our company provides.

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