Exposure is a vital commodity for an online business. If you can’t get your brand noticed, it will be hard to develop a sustainable enterprise. Forms of marketing have changed over the years, so it is important to reach potential customers in the places they most frequent. However, a good marketing strategy can still involve a variety of methods that reach a broad base of customers, allowing you the opportunity for maximum visibility within your niche.

The online world has opened up many industries, meaning even small businesses can gain vital exposure in a targeted manner. So how can an online business increase its visibility?

Start a Blog

A blog can elevate your website to authority level status. A static site will provide helpful information, but it doesn’t often convey your knowledge and expertise on a subject. A quality blog will keep visitors returning to your site, help share content across the web, and develop your position as an authority figure. Blogs can take time to grow an audience, but the long-term results will be worth the effort.

Contribute to Authority Sites

There are a number of authority sites that accept content from writers with knowledge on a specific topic. The Huffington Post, for example, includes articles from writers that are not part of the staff, while you can often find similar sites within specific niches. As a contributor, you can benefit from the visibility of appearing on a popular site, while also funneling some readers to your blog and social media profiles.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

Social media lets you show a personal side that can be lacking from many businesses. Simply posting sporadically won’t be an optimal strategy, though, with plenty of competition for attention. Try to schedule blocks of time during the day where you update profiles, communicate with followers, and look for popular topics to inspire you. It is possible to promote your business directly across social media, but you can get better results when you also contribute to the community.

Connect with Influencers

Most niches have a  few influential personalities, usually with a significant following. If you can connect with one or two of these people, they can help you increase your visibility in a number of ways. Just being connected to an influencer increases your social status, but you can build a larger following if you perform an interview, podcast, or contribute to their blog. You can build a relationship gradually, emailing them with a compliment, being active in their comments, and responding to social media posts.

Use Social Media Advertising

If you have the budget available for it, paid social media advertising lets you quickly gain visibility. Large platforms like Facebook and Google have sophisticated ad platforms, but you could also target specific sites like niche forums and blogs. By appearing on the platforms that attract relevant audiences, or using the effective targeting of Facebook, it is possible to gain exposure from the exact audience you are trying to reach. You can also use retargeting to reach the right people multiple times, increasing brand recognition considerably.

In combination, these methods allow you to reach a wide variety of people, while still letting you focus on targeted prospects. Small blogs, large authority sites, and social media platforms all attract crowds of people, so it is often just a matter of finding the groups that will appreciate your offer. Quality content is still the best way to increase your visibility, but promotion of this content is often neglected. However, by following these strategies you can find your ideal audiences and promote your content to them, ultimately leading to quality leads and sales.

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