As digital marketers are embracing the latest trends in the industry, they not only improve the sales of products and services but improve customers’ experiences as well. Whether you are already in the digital marketing world or you are beginning to brainstorm how to immerse yourself into the digital marketing world this year, the digital landscape has become so versatile, and there are constant changes. It is these changes that make the digital marketing landscape imperative to always be quick in the pursuit of the top marketing trends. Adopting the latest digital marketing trends will allow you to obtain a competitive advantage as you engage clients.

In the year 2020, digital marketers are now focusing on user experience as a new whole new domain in the sphere of digital marketing. Thus, leading digital marketers are focusing on customer experience, micro-moments, functionality, and highly targeted advertising for the most exceptional customer impact. Businesses are continuously refining these marketing innovations by using artificial intelligence.

From big data to banners, digital marketers are continuously adapting to meet the needs of brands and customers alike. Today, we have increased connectivity and innovative digital infrastructure, which are making marketing changes happen faster. We are embracing the digital marketing techniques of content development and copywriting marketing, social media content marketing, search engine optimization, and paid online advertisements, among others. The various business landscapes are experiencing dramatic improvements and changes as a result of the development of technological innovations.

Digital Marketing Trends & Projections

As digital marketers continue to adopt modern strategies, there are also burning questions.  As such, we have put together this helpful guide about the top projections and digital marketing trends.

The Soar of Voice Searches

By the end of 2021, we anticipate that voice searches will account for more than 75% of online searches. Devices such as Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Echo allow users to orally dictate their searches directly into their devices and instantly receive their answers.

If you wish to snag the featured spot in the results of voice searches, then consider applying  the following tips:

Target Your Conversational Keywords to Incorporate Local Keywords

It is crucial to bear in mind that you should target the optimization of voice searches with trending local conversational keywords. For instance, you may consider targeting the more specific long-tail phrase “The best digital marketing in Harrisburg” rather than the more general “What’s the best digital marketing near me?” which could display various options of your competitors.

It is important to note that millions of people spend quality time on mobile voice searches looking for nearby businesses. To cater to the needs of these people, you need to incorporate local keywords as one of the marketing strategies.

Also, as voice searches are conversational in nature, it is essential to conduct market research and determine the questions that will be asked by your prospective audience as they search for products and services similar to yours. By doing so, you optimize your website to focus on including more competitive long-tail phrases and keywords.

Site Optimization For Position Zero

All voice search devices directly pull answers from position zero. This is the search result that directly comes first in the organic ranking. It is, therefore, important for digital marketers to focus their efforts on achieving this coveted P0 search result.

The following are some of the quick tips for attaining the P0 search results:

  • Use of H2 and H4 headings to break up site content. Include your target keywords in the headings.
  • Proper structuring of content in a straightforward format using lists, bullet points, and tables

Social Media Packages That Come With Automated Influencer Marketing Systems

Influencer marketing is drastically rising and is becoming a leading way to increase awareness about your products and services among your target audience. It is important to note that most people today trust people more than product brands. Getting positive feedback or information about a service or product experience from an expert influencer often holds more credibility and weight than announcements from the product brand itself.

As such, it is crucial to partner with the right social media influencers to promote your message and brand image. With the coming of artificial intelligence, these challenges have substantially been solved where influencer marketing has become a more widely automated process. Alongside performing the analysis of the influencer brand affinity, artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to analyze post data, the audience response, to determine the most appropriate influencer.

Video Content Has Become The Kingpin For Email Marketing, Social Media And Website Marketing

In 2019, video content made up 80% of global internet traffic. In 2020, most marketers are learning more about the relevance of adding video content into their marketing strategies.

Google and other search engines are continuously rewarding sites with video content. Generally, the sites that use video content in their marketing are 53 times more likely to secure the first ranking listing in Google searches.

In 2020, customers are less likely to scroll through the large blocks of text on your site. This is the high time to use videos to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to visit your site more often and, more importantly, to spend more time there. This will, in turn, send an indicator to the search engines that your website is offering a beneficial experience to the users.


With more cutting-edge digital marketing advancements, there are a variety of techniques that must be considered and integrated for a more versatile and practical approach for competitive advantages.

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