Social Media Marketing is, with no doubt, one of the best forms of digital marketing for promoting and developing a business online. Did you know that an investment of six hours per week in social media contributes to a 74% increase in web traffic?

The strategy presents the ability to capitalize on the many trending social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, among many more to create awareness about the existence of your goods, services, and business. With a significant number of individuals accessing various social media platforms, you can more easily get in touch with your target market.

As Instagram boasts close to 800 million active users every month, it is possible to utilize Instagram marketing to grow your online business by making your goods and services known to your potential customer base.

Nevertheless, Instagram marketing is not a walk in the park. As a newbie to this form of social marketing, you will need insight from a professional to give you insight on how to take advantage of Instagram and develop your business.


How to Grow Your Business with Instagram Marketing

Develop Sponsored Advertisements

Utilize sponsored advertisements for a leading way to engage a larger pool of your target audience. With these advertisements, you can reach out to Instagram users who do not yet follow you. Therefore, you are bound to create awareness about your products and services to a broader pool of audience. As a result, you will also increase your sales and profits.

Work With Influencers

Influencers are famous public figures who can share information about your brand, products, and services with their large pool of Instagram followers. It is essential to work closely with a reliable and trusted influencer, as not just any opinion shaper will be of significant help to your marketing quest. Ensure you choose your influencer carefully.

Create Interactive Branded Hashtags

It is vital to engage your audience. Your efforts have to be undertaken smartly, for instance, through optimization of interactive hashtags. You could create campaigns and contests built around your hashtags to promote your products and brand.

Utilize Instagram Stories

As the Instagram stories are at the top of the main page, the stories will not be hidden by the dozens of other posts on the feed. You could also show behind-the-scenes, answer questions, and interact with your followers through your Instagram stories.

Post Quality Content

Simple but clear photos of your products can easily attract customers. The content for your Instagram posts must share a similar theme so that your profile is appealing. Make sure you use a professional camera to take photos of your products. Professionally edit your photographs using creative editing features so that they can appeal to potential customers.

Why You Need To Trust Bianca Frank Design’s Instagram Management

For you to quickly reap the benefits of Instagram Marketing, you need a professional by your side to ensure you receive professional guidance. The truth of the matter is that there are many social media management firms and individuals that claim to be skilled in this field. All of them promise better social media account management and significant returns within a short while. However, it is crucial to partner with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Bianca Frank Design is one company that you can rely on when it comes to Instagram management and creating reliable web designs. There are many reasons as to why you need to trust us:


Bianca Frank Design has been leading the way with Graphic Design, Copywriting, Content Management, and Instagram Management for quite a long time. We are a one-stop-shop that understands the ups, downs, and trend changes that come along with Instagram Marketing. We know how you can turn that ordinary social media account into a thriving business account with substantial passive income. All you need is to trust us and let us handle your Instagram account for you. The results will become visible within a considerable period. Your business will attract customers, and profits will increase tremendously.

Skilled Professionals

Instagram management requires a high level of skills and creativity. This is why you ought to work with Bianca Frank Design. We have a pool of professionals with unmatched expertise and knowledge in Instagram management who are ready to assist you. They will enlighten you on some of the crucial tips to promote your Instagram business account. Our experts will walk with you through the various phases and will ensure continued success with ongoing Instagram management.

Affordable Prices

At Bianca Frank Design, we are committed to guaranteeing our customers value for their money. With our various payment plans that are sure to match your budget, we guarantee you success when it comes to Instagram Marketing. We offer two different plans:

  • $250 for Basic Instagram Management
  • $500 for Professional Instagram Management

Offer Wide Variety of Services

We are experts in offering various services related to digital marketing. Apart from social media marketing, we also provide Brand Strategy, Branding, Logo Design, Web Design & Development, Consulting, and Print Design. We also understand how to integrate and synchronize all these elements to help you take your Instagram Marketing and brand recognition to the next level.

Customer Support

We are committed to ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with our services. We will continuously check-in with you as we offer personalized services that are best catered to your unique brand and industry. We work around the clock so we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

Social Media has revolutionized not only the way we communicate but also how we operate business. It has become one of the most remarkable and leading avenues through which entrepreneurs can promote their businesses seamlessly. One of the social media platforms that companies are capitalizing on is Instagram. Instagram enables you to synchronize content with Facebook and other social media platforms, post photos of your products, and share information about your business to attract your target audience. Take advantage of this platform to make your business more competitive. Contact Bianca  Frank Design for your free Instagram Management quote and to learn more about how we may support you with your Instagram Management.