Marketing is always moving forward. This time, marketing is moving toward social media.

Two-thirds of Internet users buy something after seeing a social media ad. Internet users tend to be younger, making it the perfect platform to grow the demographics of your target audience.

But many small companies start social media marketing only to run into problems. They post every day, yet they have little to show for it.

It is possible for you to grow your social media presence and your profits. You just have to avoid some common social media marketing mistakes. Here is a quick guide.

Do Form a Strategy

Social media posts may seem random. But a good social media campaign is thought out.

Before you open up your accounts, consider your brand. Consider how you have built your brand through other forms of marketing.

You want to stay consistent with your previous attempts. Invoke the language and imagery you used in other forms of media.

Pick a target audience that you want to focus on. Every post you share on your accounts should appeal to that audience in some way.

You don’t have to plan every single post you write. One of the advantages of social media is that you can be a little spontaneous. You can respond to current events and talk to people in the comments.

But you should conceive a strategy that runs through all of your content. Everything you post should speak to that strategy.

Don’t Post Personal Information

You can have your own personal social media account. Use that account to share updates with your family and friends. Talk about your interests in greater detail.

Do not post personal information on your business account. Keep your two accounts as separate as possible. Do not repost your personal posts on your business account.

Do not write business posts during your off-hours. Wait until you get into the office before writing more content.

Do Interact With Your Audience Whenever Possible

Social media is called “social media” for a reason. It allows you to socialize with your audience. It lets you seem animated and intelligent, which draws potential customers into your business.

When your followers ask you a question, provide them with answers. If a customer has a complaint, respond to it within one hour. Share content they create and congratulate them when they have an accomplishment to share.

Feel free to jump in on conversations that you can speak to. These conversations don’t have to be work-related. If you like animals or sports, feel free to leave a couple of comments about those topics.

Show a little bit of your own personality. You should stay professional, but you don’t have to be too formal.

Don’t Spam Hashtags

Hashtags can be a useful tool to categorize your content. When a user clicks on a hashtag, they see related posts from you and other people. Hashtags allow you to network to other accounts, encouraging followers of those accounts to look at your posts.

But don’t overuse them. Attach only one or two hashtags to a post. Do not attach a hashtag to every post you write.

Do not jump on the bandwagon. Do not attach hashtags to your post just because the hashtags are popular. Potential customers will see you as pandering and desperate.

Do not write a hashtag that is too unusual. If no one will search for it, it’s not useful.

Do not write vague hashtags. Very few people attach meaning to a tag like “#money.” “#saveyourmoney” is a better example.

Do Use Visuals

Digital marketing is visual marketing. Some users like to read texts, but others are visual learners. They need infographics, photos, and videos to compel their attention.

Produce short infographics that describe something about your services. You can give statistics on your industry, or you can provide a quick how-to guide.

Keep the infographics brief. Attach no more than four bullet points. Pick an interesting font with a colorful background that catches the eye.

Your photographs do not have to be stylish. You don’t need expensive technology. Make sure the subject is well-lit, but you can use a smartphone to take pictures.

Take photographs of your products and employees. Write a little blurb outlining the employee’s background.

Your videos should be straightforward. Describe a service, talk about your industry, or interview an employee. Keep the video under three minutes.

Try to share a couple of infographics and photos every week. If you don’t want to write text at all, you can share nothing but infographics and photos.

Aim to produce one video every two weeks. As you get more comfortable with filmmaking, consider increasing your video output.

Don’t Set High Expectations

Small business marketing takes time, even on the Internet. If you do everything right, you can expect steady growth. But you likely won’t have a massive following, and certainly not in a short period of time.

Don’t set impossible goals for yourself. Try to grow in small amounts year-by-year. Don’t expect to double or triple your follower base.

Don’t rush your social media strategy. Work the time it takes to develop your following to your advantage. Hone your skills in social media marketing etiquette, crafting intelligent responses and posts.

Do not purchase followers so you can seem like you have a massive audience. The quality of your followers is the most important aspect of social media marketing. How many followers you have is not nearly as crucial.

Social Media Marketing: What to Do

Social media marketing is very popular, and it will become more popular with time. It is a great asset for a small business to understand, provided that you can avoid some common mistakes.

Do take time strategizing your social media content. Avoid sharing personal information on your business account. Interact with your audience without using too many hashtags.

Use visuals wherever possible and don’t set high expectations for your outreach. It will take time for you to develop a large and loyal audience.

If you need help, turn to an expert. Bianca Frank Web Design has more than 15 years of experience in leading social media marketing for small businesses. Contact us today.