web hosting anchorage

Identifying Web Hosting Service Providers

Did you know that visiting a particular online site not only generates more traffic but also has an impact on a website’s search engine rank?

A website can be defined as a content management system, web application, e-commerce platform, blog site, or a portal to share documents.

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Like Socrates we, ‘know ourselves’.

We are BIANCA FRANK DESIGN: a website, logo & graphic design, brand strategy and social media marketing company based in Anchorage, Alaska. We have been in operation since 2005, working successfully with entrepreneurs: owners and business managers alike, promoting their brands using best practices and a solid work ethic.

You’ve probably gone through this website before. So it’s nice to meet you… again. Or you may not have. You are most welcome.

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Alaska Branding

How Does Branding Impact the Value of Your Alaskan Business?

The impact of having aesthetically pleasing and modern website design in your business cannot be overstated. In a recent survey, 93% of consumers stated that the visual presentation of a product is a deciding factor to buy a product or to search elsewhere. It is fair to say that if your digital marketing strategy for your audience is on point, then your website visitors will become your clients, and your sales will increase. To optimize your return on investment, consider partnering with the best web designer in Anchorage.

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Mobile Device

The Influence of Mobile Device Usage

From capturing memories, responding to clients, to connecting with friends from our childhood, we use our mobile devices for everything these days. Mobile devices are used to take pictures with your phone camera instead of using a camera and carrying it around with you. Another example is that you can store information and data in the form of files on your mobile device the way you store files in your computer, but the difference is that you can travel with your files in your mobile device, makes it very easy for usage, you cannot do this with your computer or desktop.

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Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing Can Transform the Reputation of Your Business

Digitalization has come with many benefits, especially in the business world. Gone are the days when simple things, like advertising, required a lot of time and money. Customer care is now a click of a button away, and a person gets served promptly. Business-to-customer relationships have improved as companies try all means possible to exceed the expectations of consumers. All these measures help enhance the reputation of businesses. The following are some essential ways in which digital marketing has improved business reputations.

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Using Websites to Sell

Ranking high on websites commerce platforms, such as Amazon, can be incredibly challenging with the constant competition, especially when you don’t have much time to manage the marketing on your own. Have you considered selling your products and services using your own website? Have you considered hiring a professional Alaskan Website Design company to provide websites and marketing services?

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social media marketing guide

Social Media Marketing Guide for Beginners

What’s Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process to build awareness for your product and services. Social media marketing is for all and anyone with an ambition to market their brands and services for better sales, but not everyone uses social media for business. You may know about models and celebrities who are always fresh on the timeline every morning. You may wonder how do they get all the time to follow their passion and still afford so much time on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Well, Bianca Frank Web Design will consult you about the latest trend and digital marketing strategies, so your social media marketing is more effective. This article contains some techniques to help you grow your social media platforms.

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Meta Descriptions

How to Write Remarkable Meta Descriptions

Nowadays, web marketing gets more and more competitive. It takes more and more effort to rank your websites high on Google and other search engines.

Sometimes, small things can have an enormous influence on how your website ranks. Bianca Frank specializes in web marketing, and we regularly ensure that all factors of your marketing are accurately managed.

Meta descriptions make your website stand out, and they catch the attention that is so important to get the ‘click’ from your customers.

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Anchorage Web Marketing Services

Bianca Frank Design Anchors An Array of Anchorage Web Marketing Services

The story of Bianca Frank Designs starts from 2005 and it began with a crash!

A pizzeria owned by young Bianca failed to take off. While some people at that point may have decided to quit the business altogether and pursue a job, this was not the case for Bianca. She decided to pursue her passion for Brand and Web Design and founded Bianca Frank Design. Since then, Bianca Frank Design hasn’t looked back; and she has even positioned herself as the one of the best web designers in Anchorage due to her ability to mesh brand, design, content and technical web design. Bianca excitedly oversaw the evolution of her company from graphic designing on freelance websites to a one-stop-shop offering a complete suite of solutions to aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses in Anchorage. Bianca now provides an array of digital marketing services to clients with businesses in various industries headquartered around the United States.

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advertise online

6 Ways to Advertise Online

Have you tried to advertise online? Have you been on the move trying to market your business to gain popularity and attract more clients? In this post, you’ll find six hidden secrets of online advertising that the highest-ranking website owners have been keeping under their sleeve for the last decade.

So what is online advertising? It is the form of marketing that uses the Internet or web for advertising purposes. You may have seen brands share web-based promotional messages to express announcements about their brand, products, or services.

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