Your business website went live a while ago, and since its launch, it has done your business a great service. Your site has helped get your name out there and secure multitudes of new sales you would likely not have made without your presence on the web. But time has passed since your site was initially designed, and its draw has seemed to slow. As with many business elements, your website must remain fresh, enticing, and functional for customers new and old to visit. It may be time to redesign your business website. Here are a few things to consider.

There are a variety of reasons to redesign your website-some of which are more compelling than others. However, a redesign of this critical and vital element of your business is likely the last thing on your mind as a business owner. For your marketing and branding to remain effective, every touchpoint with a potential customer must be in alignment. Your website is no exception, as for many businesses, your website is one of your most productive salespeople. This is why, when considering a website redesign, you should consider working with an experienced web design company such as Bianca Frank Design locally in Anchorage, Alaska.

Below are a few reasons why you may want to consider to redesign your business website.

1)     You Are Embarrassed By Your Existing Site

If you have reached a stage where you are embarrassed to give your website addressed to potential customers because you are afraid of what they may think of it, it may be time to consider a redesign. Website features that were considered the forefront of web design only a few years ago have grown obsolete and, in some cases, cumbersome. Some features do not work well with newer operating systems or cause significant functionality challenges for users’ computers. A bad or poorly functioning website can hurt your business more than not having one at all due to the adverse perceptions it can provide to customers.

2)     Your Website No Longer Accurately Reflects Your Brand

For your business to be taken seriously and to be considered professional and credible, your website needs to portray your brand image. Your site must represent the strong brand image that your company presents on all other fronts and accurately capture your brand’s essence and message. A strong and cohesive brand image can take small businesses and entrepreneurs and make them stand out among larger competitors.

3)     Your Website Is Outdated Compared To The New Design Trends

We touched on this idea previously, but it deserves further mention. Design trends change every few years, and a website that is more than a couple of years old can seem outdated when compared to others that have been recently updated. Also, mobile usage has become increasingly more important in recent years as more and more people use smartphones throughout all aspects of their day. If your website is not optimized for mobile use in addition to desktop use, customers are highly likely to go elsewhere. In a world where instant gratification often ranks above waiting until one gets home to hit the order button on a needed product, websites (and the businesses they belong to) that fall behind in flexibility will begin to lose customers to those who are more up to date.

4)     Your Website Isn’t Responsive

A responsive site is a website that is easily adaptable to fit the screen sizes of any mobile device. If you review your site analytics or have a professional SEO service like Bianca Frank Design perform your analysis and learn that a large portion of your visitors originates from a mobile device, it’s time for a responsive site design. Visitors to your site may be using an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Samsung product, or another internet-capable device. A responsive website makes it possible for users across a variety of unique devices to have a great user experience.

5)     You Are Losing Mobile Visitors

Keeping in line with the previous paragraphs regarding the importance of mobile users, if your site is losing mobile customers, it may be time for a redesign. Simply put, if your website is not mobile-friendly and a vast majority of your visitors are originating from a mobile device, you will likely see more visitors lost. This will inevitably affect the bottom line if your business because it will cost you leads and potentially result in lost sales. Talk to Bianca Frank Design about how to effectively redesign your site to ensure it is mobile friendly.

6)     Your Website Does Not Accurately Reflect your Business

If your business has expanded or offerings and capabilities have changed since your site was published, your website is not operating to its fullest potential. If the list of services your business provides has grown and your site does not reflect this, it can result in customers going elsewhere to obtain a service that you offer but wasn’t listed on your website. By redesigning your site, you can expand the list of services you provide to include all your services and capabilities, so every visitor (and potential customer) is aware of all your business has to offer.

7)     Your Website Is Not Optimized

Depending on the method used to build your original site, your site may not be fully optimized for search engines. A website redesign can help to improve the architecture to your site, so it’s more SEO (search engine optimization) friends. Also, a site redesign can improve the coding on your website, enhancing SEO friendliness by incorporating code that triggers a response from search engines allowing your site to show up when someone enters an internet search. We will use White Hat methods to help you boost your site’s daily rankings.

8)     Your Site Was Built With Outdated Technology

Depending on your site’s age, it may have been built using flash, which is difficult for search engines to read and even more challenging to access successfully on mobile devices. Updating your website with the latest technology and plugins will help your site perform more efficiently, thus providing a better user experience for your visitors and customers.

9)     You Want Better Lead Generation

A new site design that is streamlined with the right (or updated) call to action allows you to better optimize your business’s website for lead generation. Implementing your call to action across all elements of your site, including your blog, will enable you to take more significant advantage of all the potential opportunities your website provides to convert visitors into leads. Also, this will contribute to your bottom line in meaningful ways.

10)  You Are Concerned About Site Security

Older sites built on older platforms or software do not offer the same security options as sites that have been updated. One of the most significant concerns for businesses today is cybersecurity. Although they are smaller in size when compared to international organizations such as Apple or Toyota, small business and entrepreneurial efforts are just as susceptible to website hacking and viruses as larger businesses. If your site was built years ago and has not received an update since its launch, you are at a greater risk for malware and hacking.

Regardless of the reason behind the decision, redesign your business website could prove highly beneficial for your business. Whether it improves SEO compatibility or reduces business loss due to the inability to work with mobile devices, the time and effort put into renewing your site will be returned with new customers, more leads, and increased security for your customer and business information. If it is time for a redesigned site, look to a professional website design service where experience can help you walk through the process. At Bianca Frank Design, our years of experience and catalog of prior work speak to our desire and ability as the best web designer in Anchorage, to help your business succeed. Be it through a new and updated site, or assistance with SEO for Alaskan businesses, Bianca Frank Design can help your website work better for you.