For business owners worldwide, marketing is a cornerstone of success. And to be successful in our fast-paced, interconnected era, savvy entrepreneurs know that they need to harness the power of digital marketing.

Do you think that a few social media posts and a bunch of strategically-placed keywords will earn you the “best digital marketer” prize? You might want to think again.

Digital marketing, in fact, is a much more complicated (and serious) business. To begin with, it’s just a catch-all, umbrella phrase that includes several different categories.

To find out what the many types of digital marketing are, and how you can truly make the most out of each one of them, just read on. We are going to show you the ten most popular digital marketing categories out there.

1. Radio

Let’s start simple: did you know that, by definition, digital marketing encompasses all types of marketing that takes place via an electronic device? Yes, it’s (or, better, was) that easy.

Radio was one of the first channels to ever employ digital marketing strategies. As a very affordable way to market your product to a wide range of people simultaneously, radio marketing is very much still alive and well.

2. TV

What’s the second most popular and oldest electronic device after the radio? The television, of course. Digital marketing still happens very effectively via this medium.

TV ads, shows, and programs are all productive ways to increase brand exposure and boost marketing efforts. Just like radio, television has the potential to reach far and wide, but unlike radio, it has an extra bonus that captures the attention of people: video.

TV marketing is more pricey than radio marketing, but the ROI can be much higher, too, making this a good investment.

3. Email Marketing

Radio and TV marketing are both examples of digital marketing that happens offline. But when talking about the different types of digital marketing, most people probably think about online marketing.

One of the oldest and still most used forms of online digital marketing is email. Promotional emails to clients are an example of email marketing in action.

This type of marketing can be particularly successful if you tailor the content of your emails to the niche you’re sending the message to, and if you’re trying to engage your client in doing active business with you.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digging a little deeper into the online digital marketing world, we come across SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s an acronym that you’ve surely come across multiple times.

Why? Because, put simply, this is probably the most important type of online digital marketing.

With SEO, your aim is to drive traffic to your website through free search results on search engines. Sound easy enough? Well, the trick here is to drive only meaningful traffic that is relevant to your industry.

You can achieve this with targeted keywords, as well as by creating a website and content descriptions that are optimized to your niche.

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is another favorite type of online digital marketing. It focuses on boosting the visibility of a website on search engines but, unlike with SEO, only in paid form.

How do people achieve this? With ads, of course. Essentially, you’ll be paying Google AdWords (or other search engines) to ensure that your website tops the search list whenever someone looks for a specific keyword or combination of keywords.

6. Content Marketing

This type of digital marketing does what it says: creates valuable, engaging content rather than promoting a product in a more traditional way.

Content marketing includes anything from blog posts to videos, images, infographics, and other captivating visuals.

7. Social Media Marketing

If you’re serious about marketing, then your company should have a strong social media presence. These days, the main social media networks (we’re talking about Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) are increasingly establishing themselves as very effective marketing tools.

Depending on your business specialization, you might gain more traction with a well-curated Instagram account as opposed to a less visual, more “formal” LinkedIn profile. Whatever your industry, niche, and business style, there is a social media that’s just right for you and your marketing strategies.

8. Influencer Marketing

When talking about social media, the word “influencer” often crops up. Influencers are people who gained a certain level of popularity by presenting themselves as experts in a certain field.

Social media influencers can promote your products online — namely, via social media. By doing so, your company will quickly reach a huge audience that might feel like checking you out and, ultimately, making a purchase.

9. Viral Marketing

Does the word “viral” only remind you of funny videos of cats, babies, or people falling over? Well, you should know that some companies use the power of viral videos to market their products and services.

This works best if yours is a fun, relaxed, informal type of business.

10. Mobile Marketing

Last but not least, our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning mobile marketing. This category is probably the widest, as it includes pretty much all of the types of marketing that we discussed before.

Mobile marketing and advertising, in fact, is any type of marketing communication that happens via smartphones. It can be a social media ad, or a mobile-optimized blog post, or even SEO or SEM (again, optimized for mobile users).

Given the ever-growing use of mobile, businesses are increasingly moving towards this type of marketing, as it can yield pretty profitable returns.

The Best Types of Digital Marketing for Your Business

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