The conversion rate is highly critical to business growth and development. Hence, it is of high importance that the company engage in massive effective marketing to bring its goods or services to public notice. There are different forms of marketing strategies. There is a traditional method of using fliers, magazines, radio for publicity of business content and brand. Also, there are website marketing strategies where different social media packages, web design are used to generate traffic. However, the use of website marketing has opened the doors of unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs, coupled with the fact that it is cost-effective, and its efficiency can be measured.

Although every business must have a business logo for easy identification and branding, it is of more importance that you get the best web designer in Anchorage for logo design or web design to help make it feasible. Bianca Frank Design is one of the best web designers you can trust in Anchorage for logo design or web design. Albeit it is excellent to have the best web designer in Anchorage to build your website, it is pertinent to know that different web marketing strategies can be used to augment your business conversion rate and grow your business.

Top 5 Web Site Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Business Conversion Rate

1.     Personal Branding

Designing the identity of a business brand starts with highlighting your brand’s personality with the logo. The purpose of the logo for business branding helps with easy identification. It also helps to create a subconscious awareness in people’s minds about your brand. What else can be more pleasing for an entrepreneur than to know that whenever people need a particular good he/she produces or services he renders, his/her brand is what first comes to people’s minds?

Also, celebrities are people with enormous influence. The current trend has shown that people tend to use a particular product because they saw their favorite celebrity use it. Now, imagine having such a personality as the face of your brand. This is a very subtle yet effective way of increasing your conversion rate.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

The search for information occurs per second. In today’s world, people rely heavily on the use of technology to search for the information they need. Google has been estimated to receive about 63,000 searches per second and an average of 5.6 billion searches per day. Although several entrepreneurs have their content searchable on Google and other top-ranking search engines, several other competitors are also playing the game. What this means is that the entrepreneur with not necessarily the best goods or services but with the highest ranking on search engines gets an extra edge to have a higher conversion rate.

An understanding of the concept of search engine optimization strategy to advertise becomes necessary to earn a strategic advantage. This strategic advantage helps in achieving a higher conversion rate for growing small businesses. The search engine delivers information based on compiled algorithms that reveal information based on relevant keywords. I recommend that you hire the best web designer in Anchorage who is well versed in web marketing to build an Anchorage web design that is search engine optimized. Bianca Frank Design is one particular hand that wouldn’t deliver anything short of fantastic on this.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn has become a first-tier in website marketing. In the year 2019, Facebook has about 1.5 billion daily active users and 2.38 billion monthly active users, and Twitter has an average of 134 million daily active users and about 330 million monthly active users. LinkedIn on the other has been referred to as the significant social media platform for business-oriented people with over 660 million users. There is a considerable opportunity made available through the use of social media packages for entrepreneurs to generate traffic for their products. It is even more exciting to know that only a minute percentage of the active users share content about their products.

An excellent social media engagement is a great tool to open the door of several opportunities for your growing small business. Also, the placement of ads to increase visibility is a fantastic way to increase web visibility and, in turn, conversion rate.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic or audience to your website and increase your conversion rate. Content marketing does not necessarily have to do with promoting a brand but instead giving publicity and creating awareness for specific content. This could come in different formats such as gathering the data of your audience and sending the audience information based on their area of interest. Alternatively, you could choose to publicize this information through the use of e-book, newsletter or using some other social media packages to increase awareness about your content.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cheap and effective way of marketing products, which in turn, increases the conversion rate of an entrepreneur. The simplicity of email marketing has made several entrepreneurs overlook the vast potentials of email marketing’s effectiveness. However, email marketing works best when you have an already existing database and want to sustain the attention of your audience.


Marketing is perhaps one of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship. A considerable audience reach does not always translate to high profitability because of the hurdle of conversion rate. It is the conversion rate that alters productivity, business growth, and expansion.

No matter the size of your current business conversion rate, it can be increased. With the combination of the website, as mentioned earlier, marketing strategies that Bianca Frank implements will surely increase your conversion rate. It is also pertinent that you run a check on the various web marketing strategies you are using on your Anchorage website to know which web design strategies would be the most beneficial for your brand. Reviewing the web marketing strategies’ effectiveness and efficiency would not only help you obtain better but sustain your success record