Successful Small Business Brand

8 Steps To A Successful Small Business Brand

A recognizable, well-known brand is one of the most valuable assets any company, whether small or large, owns. A brand can lend credibility to a product and also provide assurance of quality, letting customers know what to expect when they purchase an item or service. According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, 59% of consumers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands.

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branding is essential

Why Branding is Essential to Your Business

What do you think of when someone says the word “branding?”

Or if someone were to ask you, “what do you do to get your brand recognized?”

To successfully answer these questions, one must know what branding is and how branding can impact your business either positively or negatively.

A strong branding is essential to brand recognition are vital to the success of your business. For a start-up venture, this is, even more, the case. Branding goes far beyond merely having a memorable logo (although that is indeed part of your brand). Branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Read more

Alaska Branding

How Does Branding Impact the Value of Your Alaskan Business?

The impact of having aesthetically pleasing and modern website design in your business cannot be overstated. In a recent survey, 93% of consumers stated that the visual presentation of a product is a deciding factor to buy a product or to search elsewhere. It is fair to say that if your digital marketing strategy for your audience is on point, then your website visitors will become your clients, and your sales will increase. To optimize your return on investment, consider partnering with the best web designer in Anchorage.

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Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design

When we talk about identity, we think about the characteristics that make us the unique individuals we are. Our identity can include our personality, our sense of humor, how we think and behave, how we present ourselves, and any other badges we choose to display. Identity of a brand is no different, however, a brand identity presents a company, product line, or a business. Brand identity is its expression to the world. So, how can a brand accomplish this?

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Business Logo

Reasons to Consider Redesigning a Business Logo

A business logo is often considered an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy and brand. The reason why is very clear: A logo is often the most recognizable element of a company and, along with the company name, is the feature which consumers tend to recall the easiest. Ensuring that your logo is up to date and fit for purpose is a very important aspect of a successful business. Because of its importance, there are a number of scenarios where a company should consider changing or redesigning their logo, such as:

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Do What You Love

The most important part of being a small business owner is to always continue to do what you love. Don’t stop just because you’re busy. Find time!

We will manage your social media content for you! Develop content that you approve and we will handle the rest. Not sure how to grow your brand voice or visual brand? That’s what we specialize in. Give us a shot and we would love to discuss your business and project.

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brand and marketing

5 Ways To Build Your Brand and Marketing In 2019

Brand and marketing for 2016 is the talk of the town. Read up on 5 ways you can start building your small business brand today.
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Alaska Brand Design

How to Develop Your Alaska Brand Design

Whether you are just starting out with a new Alaska brand or you have an existing Alaska business brand, developing your brand is key to successful marketing. There are a few key steps in developing your Alaska business brand that will help utilize your brand to its full potential.

8 Reasons Every Company Needs a Business Blog

Online marketing veterans will remember when blogging was the ultimate buzzword across the industry. Although, like most trends, its importance was sometimes oversold, there was no doubt that a popular, engaging blog was a huge asset to any website. If you’re doing any amount of marketing, your company needs business blog.

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Company Brand Social Media Marketing

[Tweet “If you literally do only one thing on this entire list, make your website mobile friendly. There’s literally nothing else to say on this topic. “]As an entrepreneur you have a million and one messages being sent at you as to what is the best way to grow your company brand.

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