It can feel hard to stand out online. After all, there were over 1.74 billion websites online as of January 2020.

How do you convince someone to visit your website and not one of these other sites?

Thankfully, there is a range of strategies you can use within your marketing. They all work together to support your goal of building a popular website.

Are you wondering how to increase traffic to your website? Read on to learn our best tips.

Get Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Right

Ever wondered how some websites show up on the first page of Google? Those websites have a magical mix of elements that prompts the algorithm to show them first. That mix is also called search engine optimization, or SEO.

There are a lot of parts to SEO, including:

It’s a huge topic and keyword research alone can take a lot of time to do well. We offer SEO services so get your free page audit before we get started.

Each of the tactics below also feeds back into SEO. While SEO improves your ranking, these other strategies also help you to boost your brand. You need a visible, well-known brand. This means people are more likely to click on your website in the search results.

Use Paid Search Ads

SEO can increase website traffic in an organic way in the long term. Sometimes, you don’t have time to wait for your hard work to pay off. Enter paid ads.

These are ads that appear in search results, are triggered by the use of keywords. Using paid ads lets you put your website in front of 4.57 billion internet users.

These ads appear above the organic search results. They’re a great way to get traffic while you’re waiting for your SEO to have an effect.

Pinpoint the keywords you want to target. You’ll get data very quickly, so you can test a range of keywords using ads.

The ads are very short, so you need a compelling headline and body copy. Show the benefit of your product or service to encourage people to click the ad. Test the copy you use, as well as the keywords.

Start Using Social Media Marketing

There are two ways to increase your traffic using social media. Much like using search engines, they involve organic growth and paid ads.

Social media marketing relies on paid ads. This is a quick way to increase website traffic in a highly targeted way. You might boost traffic to a landing page, an email list sign-up, or an evergreen piece of content.

Instead of targeting keywords, as you do with paid search, you target users. You can create an audience based on what they already like on that platform. That might be relevant interests or even your competitors.

Narrow your audience by age, gender, geographic location—whatever it takes to reach your ideal customers. Direct those who click on the ad to a custom landing page on your website.

Improve Organic Social Media Use

Like SEO, this is an organic way to increase website traffic over time. It takes longer to build up, yet it also serves to build your brand visibility.

Having a well-known name makes it more likely people will click on your website in the search results.

Don’t try to appear on every social media platform at once. Focus on the two platforms your target customers use the most.

Use your social accounts to share content your customers are interested in. GIFs and memes are a good way to keep the accounts personable and welcoming. Make your interactions a conversation, not just a series of announcements.

You can also get more creative with your organic social media use. In 2019, Burger King ran an innovative campaign to announce the return of its funnel cake fries. The company achieved a huge amount of publicity for an organic campaign that used no ads.

Run your organic platforms as a way to build relationships with your audience. This makes them more likely to visit your website rather than a competitor’s.

Embrace Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fantastic and organic way to generate website traffic. It’s also a good choice if you want to build a brand and visibility in your niche.

It doesn’t just mean blogging, though that can be an excellent method for getting more traffic. Posting highly relevant, useful content works well with SEO to help your website appear higher in the search results.

Producing regular content also gives you extra material to share on social media. Once you’ve built a loyal following (see Organic Social Media Use above), sharing content drives traffic to your popular website.

Readers can also share your content. While social shares don’t directly impact your SEO, it does boost the number of links your content can get. It also puts the content in front of a wider audience than you’d access on your own.

This strategy can also mean appearing on podcasts. Many shows include their guests’ web addresses in their show notes. Interested listeners can visit your website to learn more or buy from you.

The advantage of appearing on a podcast is you’ll continue to be found as new listeners explore the show’s backlist. Having the podcast link to your website also helps your SEO if they’re a large podcast.

That’s How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Now you know how to increase traffic to your website. Work on your SEO, and use paid ads for a short-term traffic boost. Grow an organic social media presence to boost your brand, so your website becomes the favorite destination for your audience.

Finally, use content marketing to both grow your authority in your niche and give people a reason to keep coming back to your website.

We can help you with all these areas. Contact us today to start the process.